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❄ Yaseen Youth- Syrian Collection ❄

“None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

Related by Bukhari & Muslim

Yaseen Youth in partnership with Muslims in Need will be delivering essential aid to Syria this winter.

We are Collecting:
🧥 New or used clothing in good condition.
🥾 Shoes
🛌 New blankets
👘 Abayas
🧕 Hijabs
💊 Sealed Medicine (Must have more than 6 Months Expiry Date)
🩹 Hygiene Products
🍼 New baby feeding bottles, formula, nappies and baby essentials.
🥫 Non Perishable Food (Must have more than 6 Months Expiry Date)

We are NOT collecting:
⛔  Tea, Sugar and Tinned Fish
⛔  Used Blankets, Toys, Prams, home decor or kitchenware
⛔  Open & expired Medicine Packets

🎥 Have a look at our last Syria Collection Video:

📆 Date: Sunday 28th March 2021

⏰ Drop Off Time: 9am-3pm

📍 Location:
Yaseen Youth Centre Car Park
1st Floor
Ujima House
(Off Eccelstone Place, go all the way to end and follow the bend to the left)


For more information:

📲  Call Brother Sharif on:
+44 7543 380 639
⌨  Email at: yaseenyouthtours@gmail.com

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