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❄ Yaseen Youth- Syrian Winter Collection ❄

Yaseen Youth Tours are partnering up with many International Charities to help deliver winter aid.

The Yaseen Youth of London will be supporting the Youth of Syria through there humanitarian work.

“None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”

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💧Our Brothers and Sisters in Syria have been affected severely by the cold winter, and they need our help!!💧

We are Collecting:
🧥 New or Nearly New Winter Clothes
🥾 Shoes
🛌 Blankets
👘 Abayas
🧕 Hijabs
💊 Sealed Medicine
🩹 Hygiene Products
🥫 Non Perishable Food

We are NOT collecting:
⛔  Tea, Sugar and Tinned Fish
⛔  Old Balnkets, Toys, Prams or Summer Clothes
⛔  Open Medicine Packets

📆 Date: Sunday 21st February 2021 (and the last Sunday of every month)

⏰ Drop Off Time: 9am-3pm

📍 Location:
Yaseen Youth Centre Car Park
1st Floor
Ujima House
(Off Eccelstone Place, go all the way to end and follow the bend to the left)


For more information:

📲  Call Brother Sharif on:
+44 7543 380 639
⌨  Email at: yaseenyouthtours@gmail.com

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